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 Oddventure Forever! 

 Energy Balls 
 infused with 

 Functional Mushrooms 

Welcome to Odd Balls!

Snack on energy balls infused with functional mushrooms,
so you can Oddventure Forever.

Let's be real, other energy bars or balls have tasty bits, but they won’t help you last 'til the end. When you’re headed up a steep summit or gearing up for a cruxy climb, you need the focus and stamina to stay on your A-game.


That's why we've created Odd Balls, the newest organic energy ball that's like a party in your mouth.

Odd Balls

They are made with a delicious blend of almonds, cashews, dates, lemon juice, a little bit of coconut, and the perfect dose of our Funguy Blend of lion's mane & cordyceps mushrooms.


Together, these ingredients will enhance your physical & mental performance, and even your libido, if that's your thing.


Not only does our unique Funguy Blend give you an extra boost of energy, but it may also *support brain and immune health, because what you put in your body matters.


And let's be honest, who wants to fuel their adventures with chemicals, preservatives, & ingredients you can't pronounce? Gross.

Forest Aerial View

All Organic, Complete Electrolytes
No Added Sugars, No Preservatives
Because It Matters!

Read about our Funguy Blend HERE

One Ball Initiative

At Odd Balls, we believe that giving back is an essential part of being a responsible business. Raising awareness about Testicular Cancer isn't enough. We must move both the social and financial needle to truly support those impacted by cancer.


That's why we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to nonprofits focused on supporting young adults with cancer. We understand that cancer can be a difficult and challenging journey for anyone, especially for young adults who are just starting to build their lives.


We see it as our responsibility as a business to make a difference in our communities and we can do so by helping those with a cancer diagnosis overcome it's challenges by empowering them to adventure.

FD_Rogue River Trip.jpg

Our founder and fellow participant on a First Descents kayaking trip for young adults impacted by cancer.

Preventing cancer, the leading disease-related cause of death in young adults.

Supporting the fastest growing and most underserved oncology age demographic.

Using the healing power of adventure to help reduce psychological distress.

Daniel Benjamin

Wild Mushrooms
Odd Balls Energy Balls

"Other bars have a lot of added sugar and their ingredients are not that good for you. Loving how Odd Balls have the benefits of Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms. You can feel a difference immediately. Not to mention they taste incredible. The coconut flavoring is the icing on the cake!"

Max J.
Ironman Athlete & Funguy Skier

Have you tried Odd Balls? Let us know what you think! 
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Why Odd Balls?

"I've always considered myself an Oddventurer, opting for the road less traveled. But at 30, I faced a new challenge: testicular cancer. During chemo I discovered the extraordinary benefits of functional mushrooms. They bolstered my stamina and kept me clear-headed. It dawned on me that the story of these fungi needed sharing. 


So I developed Odd Balls, a tasty snack to give you the clarity and energy to thrive. All without that earthy mushroom flavor. They’re a symbol of resilience, a reminder to check for odd balls, bumps, or lumps. And with our One Ball Initiative, your purchase supports young adults impacted by cancer. 


Let's face it. Life is one big Oddventure. With Odd Balls in your snack pack, you'll be sure to crush it."


- Jon Carter, Founder & Cancer Thriver

* The FDA has not evaluated these claims and the information above should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease because only a drug can legally make such a claim as per the FDA website.

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