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Why Odd Balls?

"In 2021, I faced a colossal challenge: testicular cancer. As life turned upside down, I discovered the hidden power of functional mushrooms, which helped me regain my strength and my mind to persevere. Shortly after finishing chemo, Odd Balls was born as a snack for outdoor adventures.


But now, Odd Balls are more than just a tasty treat. They're a symbol of resilience, a reminder to check your own "odd balls, odd bumps, or odd lumps" and a way to support young adults impacted by cancer. With every purchase, you join our One Ball Initiative, raising awareness and giving back to those in need, one ball at a time."


- Jon Carter, Founder & Operating Manager

Jon Carter in front of a frozen lake and forest in MN during winter.

Our Mission

Kick Cancer, Keep Snacking

We're Odd Balls, a company born from the spirit of outdoor adventures and a commitment to long-term health. Founded by a skier and cancer thriver in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, we're on a mission to kick cancer and keep snacking by:

  • Providing pure, raw and organic snacks so you can adventure better, longer

  • Raising awareness about disease in young adults in a relatable way

  • Supporting nonprofits aiding young adults impacted by cancer

Our journey began in 2021, after our founder's own testicular cancer diagnosis. Now, we're more determined than ever to spread awareness and support others on their journey to improve their performance and live life with purpose.

Talking about cancer can be tough, but we believe in facing it with humor and hope. We're not downplaying the disease, but humanizing it, making it more approachable for everyone.

We're not just survivors, we're thrivers and together, we can raise awareness, one ball at a time!

Black Sky

Our Values


Our criteria for quality rests on Function: purposeful products lead to less waste, Organic: because ingredients matter, & Taste: healthy eating should have flavor too.


This is the duty & cost of doing business. Responsibility to all stakeholders, including customers, our partners, our community, & our environment. Without planet earth, there is no Odd Balls.


Odd Balls was founded, unconventionally, with one ball. Our success - & the fun - will come from breaking with the status quo & doing things the Odd Ball way. 


Whether it's getting outside to adventure, raising awareness for Testicular Cancer, or supporting local environmental issues, our business will be a catalyst for transformational change.

Odd Ball Community Contributors

Just like when someone goes through a Cancer Diagnosis (or attends Burning Man), you can't go through it alone. This section is dedicated to those that have donated their time and energy to building Odd Balls into something great.

Morgan Parham, Jon's partner who offers free Social Media consulting and taste testing, and supported Jon everyday through treatment. She sacrificed so much to support me during my time of need and without her who knows where I'd be.

Chris Carter, who has put countless hours into the logo and packaging design, working through dozens of different iterations without question.

Sarah Hofmann, whose humor and copy skills can be seen throughout the brand. She guided me through many brand improvements, including the gold in the name...

David and Kathy Carter, who supported Jon during his cancer journey, ensuring Odd Balls had a chance to live on. They birthed me, fed me, and supported me through life in more ways than can be described.

Stephen Messina, who provided incredible product images and marketing insight to help showcase the transformation of using functional mushrooms.

The Oncology Department at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Dr. Lewis, who put up with Jon's humor through months of treatment and ensured the best care one could ask for.

and the many friends who have offered support during and after treatment, insight, guidance, product testing, shared our story and been the foundation for the Odd Ball community.

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