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Skier looking over massive cliff in the Ruby Mountains in Nevada during winter.

An Odd Ball Story

Odd Balls was born from the vision of our somewhat odd founder, Jon Carter, an avid outdoors enthusiast. During his backcountry ski tours, he found that while most energy bars gave him short bursts of energy, they simply couldn't keep up with his mental clarity and long-term stamina needs.


Tired of the lack of real ingredients in many so-called "healthy" bars, Jon was ready to put his thinking cap on.


One day, while listening to a podcast about the functional benefits of fungi, the light bulb went off. Jon knew he had found the solution to his energy bar woes.

Ski Mountaineering hiking with skis on back on steep ski slope.

Jon Carter, Odd Balls Founder and Operating Manager, wishing he had some extra stamina in the tank (Odd Balls) on the final pitch of the Middle Teton, Wyoming.

He started by testing cordyceps mushroom supplements on himself, and the results were game-changing. With increased stamina throughout the day, Jon was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work in the tiny kitchen of his truck camper.

Unfortunately, life had other plans. Jon received an unexpected diagnosis: Stage 3 Testicular Cancer. Everything changed in the blink of an eye.

Jon was on the operating table within a week of diagnosis to have the tumor (odd ball) removed, but the cancer had already spread to his abdomen and chest. This meant that Jon would be hitting the chemo highway, with all the ups and downs that come with it.

But Jon wasn't one to sit around and let life pass him by. In between cycles, he delved further into the research behind functional mushrooms and their benefits. He found that many different types of mushrooms have been shown to be effective at killing cancer cells and helping to offset the side effects of chemo.

Prepping for radical right orchiectomy surgery to remove a tumor.

Prepping for surgery, going from even to odd.

Jon was so impressed with the results of one clinical study that used a cordyceps infusion to treat testicular cancer patients, that he sought approval from his oncologist and started a daily dosage of functional mushroom supplements.

After each chemo cycle, Jon found himself recovering more quickly and with fewer side effects than other prescribed medications. It was then that he realized Odd Balls could be more than just another energy ball.

With its unique blend of Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms, Odd Balls could offer clarity and stamina, as well as long-term health benefits, a true key to preventing & bouncing back from any disease that comes with age.

A couple sitting on top of a truck camper ready to hit the road.

Jon Carter after finishing treatment & receiving the green light to ditch the doctors for the time being, he & his partner hit the road in search of adventure.

After the lost drop of chemo entered Jon's body, it still took another three months of scans, biopsies, & tests before he was cleared with "no detectable cancer". Once again, his life was his to live, so he hit the road for the mountains with the healing power of adventure on his mind.


With a renewed focus on building back his mind and body to something greater than before, Jon honed in on what Odd Balls could become. Over months of brainstorming, the full picture of Odd Balls began to take shape, and before long, Jon had created more than just the perfect energy ball.

Odd Balls is dedicated to providing organic food that supports your outdoor adventures and long-term health, but it’s also a tool to raise awareness of the odd ball (or bump, or lump, or mole) like the one that Jon neglected for so long. We are a community of odd balls focused on adventure, health, & giving back.

So, whether you're bouncing through the backcountry, need a pick-me-up during your daily grind, or just want a little funguy in your life, join us on this journey and discover the benefits of Odd Balls for yourself.

Odd Balls exists as a means to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer.

Have an odd ball, bump, or lump?

Tell someone about it!

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