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Discover The Odd Balls Difference!

Odd Ball and Ingredients

Say goodbye to your physical and mental fatigue.

Our unique Funguy Blend of Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushroom extracts

unlocks a new standard in stamina and focus - all without the mushroom taste!

Did we mention they're delicious and purpose driven?

We're on a mission to raise awareness about Testicular Cancer
and give back to nonprofits focused on young adult cancer

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Funguy Promise

Because it Matters!

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Yogurt Odd Balls
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Try Odd Balls risk-free with our Funguy Promise:

Not loving our balls? 100% money back!

Wild Mushrooms


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Bryce Canyon Eating Odd Balls
"Odd Balls have been a game changer for my ski season. I get more energy from 1 ball than a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans and without feeling jittery or crashing afterwards! I can’t wait to see how much better I’ll feel biking and hiking in the summer!"

Morgan Parham - Yogi & Fungal Skier

Odd Balls and Ingredients on Cutting Board
Wild Mushrooms

Why Mushrooms?

Focus. Energy. Immunity.

Each organic Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extract in our Funguy Blend was carefully handpicked for their performance benefits:

2% Erinacines - Focus & Clarity

1% Cordycepin - Energy & Stamina

30% Beta Glucans - Immunity

It's time to adventure at your peak performance.
Mushrooms are not just another ingredient, they are the new standard.

Skier hiking Middle Teton in winter


One Ball Initiative

We give back to nonprofits supporting young adults impacted by cancer.

Cancer is a difficult and challenging journey for anyone, especially for young adults who are just starting to build their lives.

Young adult cancer survivors dressed up in outfits kayaking on the Rogue River

Our founder and fellow participant on a First Descents kayaking trip for young adults impacted by cancer.

Testicular Cancer Ribbon

Fighting Cancer in Young Adults.

Creating Opportunities for Underserved Cancer Demographic.

Championing Healing Power of Adventure.

Daniel Benjamin

Jon Carter, founder of Odd Balls headshot

A Note from our Founder


"I've always considered myself a bit odd, opting for the road less traveled. But at 30, I faced a new challenge: testicular cancer. During chemo I discovered the extraordinary benefits of functional mushrooms. They bolstered my stamina and kept me clear-headed. It dawned on me that the story of these fungi needed sharing. 


So I developed Odd Balls, a tasty snack to give you the clarity and energy to thrive. All without that earthy mushroom flavor. They’re a symbol of resilience, a reminder to check for odd balls, bumps, or lumps. And with our One Ball Initiative, your purchase supports young adults impacted by cancer. 


Let's face it. Life's journey will always be odd. With Odd Balls and a little funguy in your step, I know you'll crush it."


- Jon Carter, Founder & Cancer Thriver

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